Our Services

Managed Services

CNA Concepts offers managed services for commercial clients. This includes providing peace of mind in automated protection and reliability for data networks. We also handle the design, installation, support, and management of current or ground-up sales/service installs. Managed services include:

– Data Center Management

– Network Management

– Mobility Management

– Infrastructure Management

– Backup and Recovery Management

– Communication Management

– Security Management.

Network Design

Network design starts with identifying business requirements, and CNA Concepts will see it through until implementation. Our network design services are the best around. We provide structured cabling for all offices. We install fiber, Coax, CAT5e, 6, and 8 cablings. CNA Concepts offers simple, clean, and professionally installed cabling and wired or wirelessly designed networks to meet your current and growing business needs.


Having good audio or video systems is more than a want for many people or businesses; it is a need. Whether you want the latest digital hi-fi 8k and surround sound solution in your home theater or need a better audio/video setup for your workplace conferencing solution in today’s work from anywhere, CNA Concepts can handle it all. We offer complete commercial and residential home audio & video system design, setup, and installation support for lobby music, background/ambient noise, privacy filters, or general entertainment.


CNA Concepts in Burleson provides cost-effective, state-of-the-art business/enterprise communications, design sales, support, and telephone service, wired or wireless communication needs. We can handle your communication needs and make sure that everything runs the way it is supposed to! From helping you set up your communication network to ensuring all communications are secure and run through the proper channels, we are here to help.

Business Consulting

It can be difficult to ensure that your business runs smoothly on the technical end of things. CNA Concepts offers business consulting services to help combat this! Our business consulting services help fine-tune your IT operations in process improvement, policy & procedure evaluation, workflow, and automation.

Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, BCP Planning & Setup

Businesses need to be prepared when things go wrong. CNA Concepts is here to help you with weather events and system crashes! We can help a business craft a plan, refine your current plan, or coach you through any incident to ensure that your data, software, hardware, and more are safe in the event of a disaster and that your business is back up and running as quickly as possible. Our goal is to ensure that your business is prepared for the worst while anticipating the best outcome!

M&A Growth

The primary goal of mergers and acquisitions should be growth, not how you get there or how to handle the in-between processes and steps. CNA Concepts in Burleson, Texas, can help you handle all questions you may have when it comes to M&A. From discussions regarding the basics of mergers and acquisitions (whether you are the acquirer or the one being acquired) to planning, logistics, implementations, and answering questions, CNA Concepts offers M&A technology consulting services in Burleson and its surrounding areas or across the state of Texas. We help you figure out the ins and outs of what to expect, what needs to change, what needs to stay, how the changes affect each party, and how to plan adequately, prepare, and negotiate as well as implement the technology, software, and services to make it easy along the way and hopefully prepare for the next move ahead so your capital investments continue to work for you instead of cost you more down the road to fix it and do things over.

Technology & Security Project Mgmt.

CNA Concepts offers technology and security project management and consulting services in Burleson and its surrounding areas or across the state of Texas. Specializing in information technology, information security as well as physical security. We can coach your business through the next project from start to finish.  With over 20 years of experience in managing simple to complex projects, CNA Concepts can guide, direct, or run the project to ensure you are able to focus on your business needs.